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Company Introduction

Henan Huaxi Furnace Refractory Co., Ltd
  Henan Huaxi Furnace Refractory Co., Ltd is located in the hinterland of Gongyi City in Henan Province and was founded in 1994, and has through the years established a vast experience with manufacturing refractory materials, and solving industrial problems concerning high temperature technology and applications.
  Henan Huaxi Furnance Refractory Co., Ltd is also a specialized refractory company that integrates bauxite mining, sintering, processing, project contracting and R&D in one. 
  The company has an annual output capacity of 200,000 tons bauxite mine; 50,000 tons of regenerative ball manufacturing plant; 50,000 tons of free shaped refractory manufacturing plant; Our site R&D testing plant with world class advanced detection equipment ensures the updated technology is implied to each section of manufacturing. In 1998, our company was granted the ISO9001 certification that allowed us to standing on the front line of our peers. 
  The company has a number of advance now how and core technology products. For example: high-pressure fiber composite spray insulation materials, pipe erosion-resistant spray materials, duct casting material, non-pressure blending and composite sealed materials, high-performance iron ditch expected materials, environmental friendly embracing spray cannons, pottery regenerator, Cards Lusin ceramic burner, triple high fire-resistant powder ball, micro Mullite powder corundum refractory balls etc. Great positive feedbacks have been received from all of our domestic and international customers.